Do as show between brackets

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Do as show between brackets

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Do as show between brackets.
I go to school. (Change into the past)
He sees his friend. ( Change into the present perfect)
Amazon is 6,992 km long. Nile is 6,853 km long. (Compare)
When did you buy your car? (form indirect questions)
You drink water. ( use have to to make it necessary)
She was taking the vegetables out of the fridge. The cup fell down. (Join using While)
I was study English all day yesterday. (Correct)

I went to school.
He has seen his friend.
Amazon is longer than Nile.
Can you tell me when you bought your car.
You have to drink water.
While she was taking the vegetables out of the fridge, the cup fell down.
I was studying English all day yesterday.


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