American English and British English

اذهب الى الأسفل

American English and British English

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American English and British English

There are a few major
spelling differences between British
and American English. This is because
British English has generally kept the
spelling of words that it has taken from
other languages but American English
has changed the spelling to look more like
how the word actually sounds when you say it

For example :

"American English''        "British English''
color                                      colour
center                                     centre
organize                                  organise
traveling                                 travelling
license                                     licence
fall                                       autumn
elevator                                          lift
yard                                       garden
candy                                     sweets
zip code                                  postcode
vacation                                    holiday
movie (or film)                                  film
potato chips                                  crisps
apartment                                          flat
garbage can or trash can                    dustbin or bin    
program                               programme

As you can see, there are many differences between American
English and British English but don’t worry about it too much.
Most Americans and Britons know many of the differences so
you shouldn’t find yourself in too much trouble when you go on
holiday! The most important thing to remember is try to be
consistent (especially when you are writing English)- decide  
which type of English you are going to use and stick with it

Have fun with English!

عبدالرحمن حسن الحصان

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